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O'Douds Traditional Pomade


This is a classic pomade for classic styles. O'Douds Traditional Pomade will hold any look, slicked back low or pompadour piled high, all day without damaging the hair follicles. This product is made with natural plant-based oils and waxes to nourish and protect the hair and scalp with vitamin E, antioxidants, and natural fatty acids while washing out more easily than harsher formulas that use petroleum. Finish will vary from matte to shiny depending on the amount of product used. O'Douds Traditional Pomade is made in the USA and is scented with a light bay rum fragrance. Original hold/ 4 oz. pot. 

Hold: Original | Scent: Light - Bay Rum, Original - Bay Rum, Heavy - Bay Rum  | Size: 4 oz / 113g


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Achieve this hair style with O'Douds Traditional Pomade (cool sunglasses and beards not included).

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!

Odouds has everything you're looking for in a pomade. Great hold with a good shine. Smells nice and lasts all day.

High quality pomade

I usually use American Crew Fiber but thought I'd switch it up and try this one. Have used it for 3 days and so far I like it better than anything I've ever used before. Good smell, good hold, doesn't make your hair shiny so you have a nice natural look that holds all day. Great stuff!