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Grave Before Shave Pine Beard Care Kit

Grave Before Shave

Grave Before Shave Pine Beard Care Kit arrives complete with the following:

  • 2oz tin of Pine Beard Balm
  • 1oz bottle of Pine Beard Oil
  • 6oz tube of GBS Beard Wash

Beard Oil + Balm: Grave Before Shave Pine Beard Oil + Balm contains all natural ingredients that condition, moisturize, and strengthen those precious beard hairs promoting healthy growth!! This product is also designed to treat the skin under your beard preventing dandruff and flaking to keep your beard life comfortable...the way it should be! Beard oil + Balm with a pleasant pine scent for the lumber jack in all of us!

Beard Wash: The Grave Before Shave Beard wash shampoo is enriched with Argan Oil to keep your hair hydrated to the fullest. This shampoo is designed for facial hair, but works fantastic on all hair, even your head. With the fresh scent of an Old time Barber Shop this Beard Wash is a must for all bearded men. Arrives in a 6oz. bottle.

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