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Just as it's name, smooth. The aroma it gives out is very delicious! I would highly recommend it to anybody. Especially because it's very easy to wash off!

My thoughts about the Zeus Mustache Comb

The Zeus comb is officially my first mustache comb. Prior to using the Zeus comb I was using a cheap hair comb and was very uncomfortable. With the Zeus comb I feel like its smoothness against my lip and it feels great! I will try out different brand combs in the future to distinguish which brand is better for me, but for the meantime, I'll stick with the Zeus comb!


An amazing product works wonders my boyfriend's hair has never looked better!

Can you handle you moustache wax

Great product, easy to use, and holds up well throughout the day.

Great stuff!

Smells great, keeps my beard tame.

Great oil

Beard feels fuller and way more groomed now since using this product

Best Beard Products

These are the best beard products that I've tried. Great feel, great smell. They are priced affordable and I'll be buying for a long time to come. Great job !

Clean Hold, Great Smell

This is my new go-to hair product. The pomade is soft and easy to work in your hands, provides good hold, and doesn't get sticky. Also smells fantastic which is unique for a pomade. Definitely recommend.


I bought Mountaineer Brand Citrus and Spice Beard Balm for my best friend.. he loves it! Smells great, feels great, doesn't leave an oily residue.. I would recommend this balm to all my male family and friends


The hold is right. The smell is not.

Great product loved it

what the title says


It's awesome thanks alot


Works great thank you


This beard brush is amazing, I have tried so many different similar products and none come close. Your product has the perfect stiffness to the bristles but not too much which is a problem I have ran into quite a bit, ruff bristles ruin beards by causing damage to the ends of your beard hair and even rips hair in half. I am life-time customer now, ZUEZ ROCKZ!!

Awesome product

This shampoo is awesome and I am currently waiting for the conditioner to be delivered but so far the shampoo has a great verbena line scent and softens my beard just like advertised

Great stuff

I love this oil, smells amazing and does what it's supposed to

Good hold, super easy to use

I usually use pomades but wanted to try something different. It's good for finishing after using pomade and works pretty well on it's own. Not sure if this will be an everyday use item for me or not but I like it so far.

It Brought My Beard Back to Life!

I've had a short beard for about 3 months and before that, I had a goatee so I have always had facial hair. I shower twice a day and noticed my beard was getting wiry so it was time to start using a product to add moisture back to the hair. I found the Handlebar Wisdom Dry Oil Balm on Oliver Ridge and started using it. Within days, I noticed a change. My beard was getting softer and had a little shine. This product really works! Now I love touching my beard, lol. The scent is just like the product description says: it's like someone tossed lemons and cedar into a wood chipper and this scent came out. Nice and clean.


Zeus Beard Wash Shampoo - Verbena Lime

Oliver Ridge Company Woodshop Beard Balm
good quality Balm

I liked this Balm. good quality and not very greasy. It helps in styling my beard


Zeus Pocket Beard Brush

Great Oil

This oil was sorta different for me. It has a wood/dirt smell, and at first I didn’t really like it. When it’s on my face, it has a very manly smell. It’s not too strong and lasts for a good hour or two. It makes your beard feel really soft and healthy. I’ve owned it for about 2 weeks now and I am excited to try different oils from the bearded bastard. This one is a 9/10 on my scale of oils and I’d definitely recommend it.

Great Brush

Small, but packs a BIG punch. It feels great in the beard and you can feel the quality of the bristles when they are against your face. You can feel the impact they have on your beard and you can definitely see it as well. It’s not too expensive and it is very high quality. Definitely recommend this brush to anyone that wants a nice looking beard.

Zeus's pocket beard brush

It's a great beard brush just the bristles a little bit stiff just for me so I have to brush a little bit softer.
But that's ok it cleans your skin good.
2it straightens your beard really well a very nice made brush it fits the fingers great filling


My boyfriend really loved the product!

Mustache Wax

It's pretty durable for about a couple of minute then it goes flat I need a bit more hold on it

This is a must have!

I got the Grave Before Shave Gentleman's blend kit on Monday of this week and now I am trying to figure out how I lived so long with my beard and never took care off it with this product. First and almost the smell is so pleasing on the nose that I find myself just smelling the bottle of all 3 products . I highly recommend Grave Before Shave blend kit if you want to take care of your beard.

Love it

Can you handlebar secondary is an amazing product and I love it. I can finally shape my handlebar with no issues, a nice and strong hold for someone with curly hair works great.

firehouse light

Seems like a light-coloured wax, but is very stiff and hard. Have to warm it up with a hair dryer. Still looking for a softer wax that isn't dark.

Bead comb

It's well made just wished that it was bigger for my beard is all.
I gave It to my brother in stead thanks

Wonderful Product

A wonderful product and I use for my beard.


Uppercut Deluxe Beard Comb CT3

Great product!

After just 2 used (one of the beard oil, and one of the balm) my beard was silky smooth, and soft to the touch! The wife loves the vanilla scent, and as a cigar lover, I like the added spice (although I could go for a little more cigar scent). All in all, the product is fantastic!

Boar bristle beard brush

I love the way it shapes my new beard. The size is perfect for traveling.

Beard products from Oliver Ridge Co.

I ordered a gift package and got it within the week! Fast delivery! Though the cigar doesn't exactly remind me of cigar, my wife likes it and my beard is clean, soft, and tame thanks to my new Grave Before Beard products. I'll definately order with Oliver Ridge Co. again.

Beard Oil Subscription

I am very pleased to have started my subscription with Oliver Ridge. The item is shipped within a timely manner, which means I never run out of oil for my beard. The aromas are different every month, which allows you to have that appealing scent that attracts a variety of women. I will be continuing my subscription until I am overwhelmed with beard oils.

Thank you again,

Chris Oliver

Small but tough

I carry it in a small backpack pocket, always ready, It fit anywhere to deal with all types of beard hair.
It is the one brush to have


As a mechanic I'm quite active throughout the day, and constantly bending and contorting to interesting shapes and spaces. Through all of this, I may need to reapply the wax once day. The hold is phenomenal. The scent is pleasant and not overbearing, and as per any other high hold wax it's easier to apply after it's been in your pocket. I would 100% recommend this product to a friend

The perfect brush

Whether your beard be thick, patchy, short or long, this brush will do the job. Seriously, just get it.

Great product

The Morocco beard oil from the bearded bastard is a great smelling oil, my new favorite, I highly recommend it

Rally stiff

What ever wax use . Use a little bit of wacky tacky to hold the ends in
place . It's a great fiinish for your stash .
So you really need two waxes , a light wax and wacky tacky

Best money spent!!!

I have used many beard oils in the past. The oils I have received have been of the highest quality and my wife loves them. Keep sending them Oliver Ridge!!!


Grave Before Shave Fisticuffs Pine Mustache Wax

Great Product

Best stuff i tried so far


Grave Before Shave Gentleman's Blend Beard Care Kit

Excellent product

Absolute game changer for your beard.


I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday, he loves it and I love the way it smells on him!

Zeus Pocket Beard Brush

Perfect! I bought two and am glad I did. I keep one at home and put one in my motorcycle for when I get off the bike. Perfect size. Perfect shape. Perfect feel. And oh does it feel good!

Love my Zeus Pocket Beard Brushes!


Can You Handlebar Primary Mustache Wax