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Pomade Guide

Pomade Guide

Our men's pomade guide will walk you through the right product for your hair style. 

Loose, Relaxed, Natural Look Pomades

The loose, relaxed, natural look hairstyles require very little pomade. In fact the ideal product is usually not a pomade but rather a cream or styling treatment. Everyone is a bit different in this category so it's best to experiment with holds and textures. In some cases mixing a loose, messy look styling cream with a paste, fiber or messy look pomade produces the best results. 


Textured, Messy Look Pomades

The textured, messy look hairstyles typically require a matte pomade, a paste, or a fiber pomade to achieve the desired look. Any will work, but it usually about the amount of product you use. Some need a little more, some need a little less. It's best to experiment with quantities to achieve your perfect look.


Pompadour, Slick back, Side Part Pomades

The pompadour, slick back or side part hair styles require a bit more hold than most other styles. These pomades usually have a medium to high hold rating and feel more like a gel or have a tacky consistency.