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About Oliver Ridge Company

The best thing to happen to men's grooming since men's grooming became a thing.

We're Oliver Ridge Company, retailer of quality small batch grooming goods for men. Small batch goods for men, what exactly do you mean? It's not about introducing a huge selection of products that are just 'okay', we want to introduce a product that is great before moving onto the next one. Sometimes that means only showcasing a few products a year. It's all about quality and making sure the product is right before we focus our efforts on the next product. 

Every product we sell has a focus on quality and is constantly being tested to ensure we sell the best products possible. And when we say tested we’re talking about real life, on your face, in your hair, on your skin testing by men, the same men who run Oliver Ridge Company. If it’s not good enough for the men of Oliver Ridge Company, then it’s not good enough for you.


Brad / President Jim / Operations Jon / Marketing


Oliver Ridge Company