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Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Wax

Can You Handlebar

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  • The scent: Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Wax smells of perfect, natural Michigan beeswax. We don't add any scents since it already smells so darn good.
  • Expert formula: Blend of wax and oils to achieve a great extra strength (firm) hold. Best applied with a hair dryer on low. No petroleum ingredients used in any of our products! (We use beeswax, lanolin, olive oil, coconut oil,  shea butter, vitamin E)
  • Engineered for real-life: All labels are oil and water-proof. Our cans are stainless steel and are built to survive a rough life on bathroom counter in your pocket, or in a dopp kit.
  • How to Apply: Warm the wax with the lid on under hot water, or a hair dryer on the low setting. Scoop a little bit out and massage between your index fingers and thumbs. Apply from middle, moving toward the curls.
  • Hold: Extra Strength

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Handlebar wonderfulness

Tried many kinds and brands, but my go to daily use forever is secondary. I’ve decided to quit looking around and just stay with what works best for me.
Sincerely Glynn “ Moose” Moore
Member handlebar club London,and featured mustached American of the day.

Excellent shaping

A quick hit with a hairdryer, and this shaping wax does the trick! I have a thick curly beard and moustache...this product tames the beast! It goes on smoothly and resets quickly. I will be using this product for a long time to come.


Five stars is not enough this stuff works great! Takes a little getting used to as far as putting it on, you gotta be quick! But really a great product.

Love it

Can you handlebar secondary is an amazing product and I love it. I can finally shape my handlebar with no issues, a nice and strong hold for someone with curly hair works great.