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Zeus Pocket Beard Brush – Small Yet Mighty

July 24, 2017

Zeus Pocket Beard Brush – Small Yet Mighty

The Zeus Pocket Beard Brush is quickly becoming one of the best beard brushes on the market and for good reason. Made from 100% first-cut boar bristle providing the highest-grade bristle cut available in a beard brush. The wood handle is European sourced and made of natural pear wood which does not warp. This is extremely helpful as your bathroom has lots of moisture and typically we store our combs and brushes in the bathroom cabinet. As an extra layer of protection, the Zeus Pocket Beard Brush also comes with a protective drawstring bag.

The size and measurements of the pocket brush are 3.5” long by 1.2” wide, with a bristle height of 0.7”. Now 3.5” might not seem like a good size but honestly, this beard brush is the perfect size for your bathroom, for travel and even your pocket.  Another cool feature is the wooden pear handle has a nice beveled edge so it fits nicely in your fingertips.

Beard brushes are an essential tool for beard maintenance removing dirt while distributing beard oils and balm for moisture, protection and sleek shine. The Zeus Pocket Beard Brush should be a heavy favorite when considering all beard brushes.