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Water Based Pomades vs. Oil Based Pomades

Water Based Pomades vs. Oil Based Pomades

September 29, 2017

Today, achieving a fleeky hair game that defines your unique aesthetic requires a quality, trustworthy product that compliments your locks. Pomade has been a mans go-to throughout history; we’re talking male hair-care progression originating back in the eighteen hundreds. And, you won’t have to find a fifty dollar bill under the couch cushion to get your hairs on it!

A diverse range of pomade options exist for every man trying to achieve their own suave, sleek look. Ultimately, there is no winning one. It all comes down to your personal preference. The pros of this: you’ll find a pomade that best fits your hair needs and desired looks. The cons: so many options can be overwhelming and time-consuming to browse through.

So, let’s efficiently ease your hair-styling curiosity by dividing your search into two basic categories: water based pomade or oil based pomade?

Water Based Pomades
This product serves as the new kid on the block with an updated chemical structure that provides an untouchable hold throughout the day but gently dissolves out of your hair in the shower. Certain situations demand for such hair reliability, making this option a choice to use on the daily or for special occasions. Sometimes you just need your hair to be a controlled variable.

Identifying this product is super simple, just look for the ingredient section and make sure water listed first. A product with this base is able to dry completely. If you don’t have the time to stop and fix your hair-do or you need a hold stronger than your fidgety fingers, this product may suit you fancy. It stands strong, but you may easily make an adjustment with a quick splash of water. From thick and curly to fine and straight, most hair types and lengths can find a water based pomade that works best for them.

Don’t believe me? Check out O'Douds Water Based Multi-Purpose and find out for yourself. The market doesn’t stop there: if you’re trying to achieve a loose, bed-head look, a higher water density may be your solution, like the Imperial Barber Fiber. It offers a subtle, natural texture to your hair and is a great option for bikers that want an easy primp after taking their helmet off. On the other hand, if you want a refined look like the side part, cub scout style, or slick back, a lower water density may be the way to go, like the Imperial Barber Classic. Use it to tame your locks into a fresh, groomed style.

Oil Based Pomades
There’s a reason oil based pomades have been a lasting hair greaser throughout time. They contain fewer chemicals, are typically cheaper than their younger counterpart, and will make hair malleability that lasts for a few days (even with a shower). An oil base gives you the liberty to easily restyle/recomb whenever. Sometimes life demands for such hair freedom.

When identifying this product, look for ingredients like petrolatum, petrolatum, soft paraffin, and mineral oil. These oils never completely dry or make your hair untouchable, while providing a range of shine and hold to fit your specific desires. Plus, since some of these products have the potential for one use to last for more than one day, you may get an extra little bang for your buck.

Oil based pomade is perfect for those trying to achieve the timeless, classic slicked back styles or pompadours. Check out O'Douds Traditional for a petroleum free wax made only with natural oils. Or, if you desire a look that’s more matte and natural, Uppercut Easy Hold works with any hair type or length and provides a natural weightless style. O'Douds Styling Treatment only requires a little dab to give you a manageable, relaxed style that’ll keep your face free of dangling locks.

Find Your Fit
Here you will find a variety of pomades that will solve any unique hair-styling needs!

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