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The Best Beard Oils For Winter

The Best Beard Oils For Winter

August 15, 2017

Let’s be honest. Beards were made for winter.

Sure, you can sport an awesome beard at any time of year, but it can be sweltering in the hotter months. Winter is the perfect time for a beard, especially if you live in places where there’s almost daily snowfall and crisp, biting cold. It’s a time when shorts give way to long johns and flannel is a staple and gives you the opportunity to use beard oil for maximum style.

Here are some of the top beard oil picks for the winter months to keep you looking great while you trudge through the cold:

Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil
The king of woodsy scents, Bearded Bastard Woodsman infuses a variety of oils, including sweet almond, olive, castor, natural fragrances and more to give a clean look and feel. It’s a popular oil that lasts strong for a few hours. It’s a top seller because it’s great for everyday use, isn’t over zealous in its scent and provides an “indoor lumber yard” aroma.
Can You Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil
Looking for a blend of lightweight and heavier oils? Can You Handlebar Wisdom is for you. It boasts no fake scents, petroleum products or nut oils. They use grapeseed oil, olive oil and Vitamin E, among other ingredients, to supply a deep shine and nourishment to your beard.
Oliver Ridge Company Woodshop Beard Oil
Another bouquet of the indoor wood shop, Oliver Ridge Company Woodshop will give your facial friend an Earthy scent. It’s high on pine and cedar notes with sawdust and fresh wood shavings to give you a natural scent. The aromas are clean and crisp for an easy and comfortable feel throughout your day.
Grave Before Shave Pine Beard Oil
With cold temperatures come dry skin. Grave Before Shave Pine moisturizes your beard and the long-lost skin underneath to prevent annoying flaking. It has a pine scent with touches of apricot and Aloe Vera to keep you looking fresh and flake free.
Scotch Porter Beard Serum
The savior for frizz, Scotch Porter Beard Serum also moisturizes and gives you the look you desire for the long hours of the day. It helps smooth some of those unruly cuticles for a silky and shiny appearance good enough for any lumberjack.

The colder months can be rough. It doesn’t have to be so for your beard with these quality beard oils. They’ll take the worry out of your beard looking its best so you can get the job done.

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