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Use A Bard Wash Shampoo

Stop Using Regular Shampoo For Your Beard

October 02, 2017

As a guy, there's probably nothing you take care of more on your body than your beard. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of guys make is washing their beards with regular shampoo. You might assume that just because the shampoo is ideal for your head, it's great for the hair on your face. However, the two types of hair are totally different and need to be treated as such. When you take better care of your beard, it's going to reward you by looking great and being soft.

How Often to Wash Your Beard
In all honestly, you can wash your beard as often as you like, so long as you're using the right product. If you're using shampoo, it's going to dry out the skin and make the hair brittle and prone to breakage, so shampooing daily is going to do nothing but ruin the beard you've taken so long to grow out. If you're using a high-quality beard shampoo, you can wash up as often as you like or as often as is needed.

Shampoo: Why You Need to Avoid It
One of the main reasons you need to avoid using shampoo on your beard is because it is simply too harsh. Shampoo is typically designed to strip oils and dirt from the hair on your head. It can be overly drying, too, which is bad news when it comes to your beard hair. If you use shampoo on your beard, it's more prone to breakage, which could result in shaggy-looking facial hair. Also, you might find that shampoo causes your skin to either breakout underneath the beard or just become overly dry and flaky. This results in a beard that is just plain itchy and might even have dandruff from the dry skin flakes on your face. In short, shampoo is just not a viable option for guys who want to take great care of their beards and keep them in good shape.

Beard Wash: Why It's a Better Idea
Beard wash is specifically designed to clean and condition the hair on your face. This results in a clean, full and soft beard that is unlike anything you'd achieve when using regular shampoo alone. Beard washes not only do an amazing job of cleaning the hair on your skin of dirt and debris, but it also conditions the hair beautifully so that you're left with soft and lush whiskers. Beard washes are highly recommended to those men looking to take care of the hair on their faces without the headache of picking and choosing a shampoo that is the least irritating. Plus, beard washes are great for your skin, so you won't deal with a breakout or skin flaking due to dryness.

Choosing the Product
Now that you know the importance of using a specialty wash instead of a shampoo, it's crucial that you find the right product. There are lots of amazing products that do the job well while leaving your beard looking and smelling great. If you need recommendations on products and which one to choose, you can either go by reviews or ask for professional assistance. Once you start using a beard shampoo and nix the shampoo, you'll notice a significant difference in the way that your beard both looks and feels.

A major benefit to using a specialty wash is that it leaves the beard feeling and looking great. This prevents breakage and other problems, which encourages healthy facial hair growth. In fact, most men have found that switching to a beard shampoo allows them to grow out their facial hair longer without it looking too scruffy and without needing to trim or cut the hair in question. After all, if your facial hair gets too long and is not properly maintained with the right products, you may have to cut it all off just to get rid of the dry and broken hairs. Instead of having to do this, you can just switch to a beard wash and begin benefiting from all that it is able to do for you.

If you take great pride in your beard and aren't already using a specialty beard wash, you're doing yourself a disservice and need to switch products. Don't assume that just because shampoo cleans the hair on your head means that it'll do as good of a job on your beard hair. In most cases, shampoo is just going to leave your beard dry, itchy and prone to breakage. Many men also breakout when using regular shampoo on their faces, so it's another consideration to think about when looking for a better product. Beard washes come in many types and formulas, making it quick and easy to find the one that will be perfect for you.

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