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How To Use Beard Oil

January 10, 2017

How To Use Beard Oil

Applying beard oil is not a complicated process and with Oliver Ridge Company beard oils we make it even simpler with the addition of a reducer placed inside each bottle of beard oil allowing only a few drops at a time to dispense into your hand.

Simply twist off the cap and dispense the beard oil onto the palm or fingers of your hand. You may need to slightly shake or tap the bottle to get the oils flowing. Once you have a few drops of beard oil on your hand, rub your hands together quickly then apply to your beard.

The actual amount of beard oil you apply to your beard is up to you. Four or five drops of beard oil should be enough for a short to medium length beard. If you have a bigger, longer, fuller beard, you may need to double that amount. Again, it’s all relative to the amount of oil your beard needs or you want on your beard.

For best results, it’s recommended to apply shortly after a shower and towel dry of the beard. We’ve found that scented beard oils like our Woodshop beard oil will hold a smell longer if applied after a shower vs. randomly throughout the day. However, you may still want to reapply your beard oil a couple times a day to maintain a soft and manageable beard.