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Choosing The Best Beard Oil

April 04, 2017

Choosing The Best Beard Oil

Choosing the Best Beard Oil for Your Bodacious Beard

You’ve taken the step to join the pantheon of great bearded bros. Congratulations! Exceptional beards demand the best care. To do your beard justice, consider grooming with a superior beard enhancing product, such as an organic beard oil by Oliver Ridge Company.

You want something organic and natural touching your skin and conditioning your beard. Synthetic chemicals may smell sweet and cost less, but you pay the price in exposing yourself to compounds and chemicals that may aggravate, dry-out, and annoy your face, body, and bodacious beard.

Some chemicals can – and do – enter the bloodstream by topical application. To put on your fiercest game face and most excellent beard, go clear, do good, go organic. You deserve the best, like our Woodshop Beard Oil made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients. 


An organic beard oil has two components: a natural carrier oil and an organic essential oil. Both have their benefits. Let’s begin with the beard basics of the carrier oil.

Carrier Oils
Like the name implies, this is the oil that is the main ingredient and which does the heavy lifting. Carrier oils are a foundation in the healthy grooming arena because they are a natural way to hydrate, nourish, and heal the skin, hair, and follicle. Some of the most commonly found carrier oils are:

Grapeseed Oil
Grape seed oil is a fine hair moisturizer and conditioner because it counteracts weak hair, hair loss, and dandruff. Regular use of grooming products containing grapeseed oil will impart a stronger and healthier beard.

Sunflower Oil
Because sunflower oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it’s excellent for medicinal and grooming aid purposes. With its calming and emollient-rich properties, it’s excellent for soothing acne eczema, inflammation, and skin irritation.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is special in that it closely resembles sebum, a waxy substance produced by the skin glands. Jojoba oil can nourish the follicle and dissolve sebum buildup, helping hair growth. Jojoba oil works to moisture deep at the hair follicle level. It possesses antibacterial properties, helps tame overly-fierce beard frizz, controls dandruff and psoriasis, and works double-duty as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Argan Oil
High in vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil is a fantastic skin moisturizer and a go-to oil to fight dryness and dandruff. Its essential fatty acids help reduce inflammation and prevent dryness. Go argan oil!

Sweet Almond Oil
Cultivate your beard with sweet almond oil. The high level of fatty acids in this oil act as nature’s emollient. Sweet almond oil locks in moisture by forming a protective barrier. It’s especially effective for conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.

Apricot Kernel Oil
This is an oil that benefits both skin and hair, making it a fantastic find to maintain your beard. Apricot kernel oil penetrates well into the skin nourishing the skin and improves its tone. It’s a great oil as a carrier oil because it improves the delivery of essential oils. As for your beard, the Vitamin E in the oil promotes hair growth and softens the hair making it a great choice for those with thick and coarse beards.

Coconut Oil
For a helping of antioxidant properties, wicked and wild moisturizing power, aid in healing psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and a head’s up in growing a luxuriant, shiny, and manageable beard, crack open the coconut oil.

Whether used singularly or in tandem, carrier oils are a fantastic, nourishing healing part of your beard-grooming ritual.

Organic Essential Oils
The second part of the organic beard oil team is the essential oil. An essential oil is so named because it is the “essence” of the plant’s fragrance. It's "a concentrated hydrophobic liquid that has volatile aroma compounds derived from plants".

Essential oils are used to impart a pleasing, natural fragrance and for their nourishing, antibiotic, and healing properties.

You know that organic essential oils are good for your face and beard. Those who get up close and personal will know that they impart a manly, urbane, sophisticated olfactory thrill. This aromatic delight can become part of your signature – or switch it up and have fun with diversification and mystery. Did you know that studies demonstrate "that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell which is linked to pleasure, well-being, emotion and memory"?

Craft your own script. For outstanding beard care and the maintenance of the fiercest face mane go with the finest in facial hair grooming aids from Oliver Ridge Company. Put your best face forward because it is a great, big, glorious hairy deal.