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Best Way To Cure Beard Itch

September 21, 2017

Best Way To Cure Beard Itch

There’s no doubt about it, beard itch is the bane of male existence. No one wants to be that guy who can’t keep his fingers off his beard. Luckily, there is good news. By taking the necessary precautions, you can cure beard itch once and for all. If you find yourself constantly scratching your beard, the following routine will set you straight.

When your beard reaches a certain length, you need to start washing it regularly. But using standard shampoo is probably worse than not washing it at all. Normal shampoo is created with the intention of playing nice with the hair follicles located on your head. The follicles on your chin and neck, however, are a different beast entirely. Using normal shampoo on your beard is a sure ticket to dry skin and more itching.

Instead, start looking into beard washes. The first step to curing an itchy beard is washing it properly, and these are the perfect products for doing just that. Soon after you start using a recognized beard wash, you can have the best of both worlds: a clean beard, and healthy skin underneath it.

The next step is to start using a beard conditioner. Some shampoos come with conditioner built in, but disassociating cleaning from conditioning has its merit. Washing your beard is meant to be an inclusive experience in which the whole beard is given equal attention. On the other hand, conditioner is especially useful for targeting problem areas. By nature, conditioner is meant to soften and untangle stubborn hairs. Make sure to use plenty of conditioner on your beard’s thickest areas.

You need only to wash and condition your beard twice a week, but you should start using beard oils on a daily basis. These products are the best answer to ridding your beard of the dead skin cells that are bound to get trapped beneath it. Beard oil is the final and most effective product in giving your beard a smooth look and feel. It is also known for its unique and masculine smell. Using a beard oil will do wonders for your beard. 

If beard wash, conditioner, and oil are the products that will take you to the itch-free promised land, beard maintenance is the beast in front of the gate. Learn to defeat it, and you have arrived.

First step of beard maintenance is to trim those fly-away whiskers and give your beard a uniform shape or structure. To accomplish this feat, you may need to upgrade your trimmers or use a good pair of beard scissors. It’s important to focus on the areas that grow faster, as these are the areas that are most likely to need trimming. At this point, and especially if you have a very long beard, you should give your beard a thorough brushing. Combined with the oil, this will clear out your hair follicles. Last but not least, tend to any ingrown hairs. These can be the source of a great deal of itchiness if left unchecked. The best case in this scenario is to simply pluck the ingrown hair with a set of tweezers.

One final note is that beard oil and maintenance go hand in hand. There is no understating the importance of shampoo and conditioner, but ninety percent of curing your beard itch will be a product of oil and maintenance. After all, these are the parts of the cure that will be relevant every single day.

From products to maintenance, curing beard itch is a more involved process than you might have expected. Nevertheless, the benefit is clear. If you’re growing out your beard and having trouble with the itchiness, get yourself some good beard products and start a routine. You’ll be happy you did.