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Best Mustache Wax For Summer

Best Mustache Wax For Summer

May 02, 2017

The process of styling a mustache for casual days or business events is easy if the best waxes are used. When the temperature rises throughout the summer, a mustache wax must have the ability to keep every hair strand neat and in-shape. If you need long-lasting results that are trendy and unique, there are five best waxes for mustaches that are worth considering.

Firehouse Wacky Tacky Mustache Wax

Constantly being voted one of the best mustache waxes, the Firehouse Wacky Tack mustache wax is perfect for those looking for a strong and lasting hold. This wax is exactly how it's described, tacky. The ingredients are a closely guarded secret but we have a hunch that lanolin, pine sap, and petroleum jelly along with beeswax is used to create this wacky tack wax. Perfect for holding the handlebar or curve in your stache. 

O'Douds Mustache Wax

O'Douds Mustache Wax can be used on a variety of mustaches, so it's an ideal product for summer. Crafted for daily use on any mustache, this wax has a medium/firm hold with a nice natural shine. It is made with ingredients that will not only hold your mustache in place but also condition the hair and face. O'douds mustache wax has a decent hold and good for the recreational mustache grower.

Mountaineer Brand Original Mustache Wax

Handmade in West Virginia, Mountaineer Brand mustache wax is a 100% natural, chemical free mustache wax made from beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils.  Whether you are trying to achieve the classic style of the handlebar, the Magnum P.I., or the Fu Man Chu, our original Moustache Wax can be used easily to shape and mold as you create the desired look. Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax is a favorite among mustache enthusiasts--especially those who care about an all-natural mustache wax.

Bearded Bastard Woodsman Mustache Wax

Hand crafted deep in the heart of Texas, the Woodsman Mustache Wax by Bearded Bastard has a good medium hold that last much of the day. This wax is a little stiff and requires warming up between your fingers or in your palm. Please keep in mind, this product is not for the meek and timid and when you work it in, you WILL lose a few strands but once it's softened it applies evenly. Great for handlebar mustaches. 

Grave Before Shave Stronghold Mustache Wax

The Fisticuffs/Grave Before Shave Mustache Wax has become a cult favorite and shop favorite among those who sport a recreational mustache. The Stronghold mustache wax has a softer feel and application vs. most other waxes but don't let that fool you. This wax will hold most of the day and allow for great shape and structure.

Each and every mustache wax above has become a best seller at Oliver Ridge Company and we stand behind them all. Each has their own benefits and holds but ultimately you have the last say in which mustache wax works best for you.  You can shop all our mustache wax for sale here.

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