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Best Mustache Wax For a Handlebar Mustache

Best Mustache Wax For a Handlebar Mustache

October 23, 2017

Looking to take your mustache a step further and achieve the highly sought-after handlebar mustache? Then you'll need to step up your mustache wax game and start using a wax that's specifically designed to keep those long hairs in place.

While there are 100's of mustache waxes on the market today, these are our top picks for your handlebar mustache.

Zeus Mustache Styling Wax

A cross between a gel and a paste, this mustache wax goes on clear and holds all day long. Being water-based, it allows easy rinse-outs. The superior formula maintains the shape of your mustache all day and sculpts unruly and tough hairs into the handle bars and twists that you are after.

Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky

Wacky Tacky” is a customer favorite and is the darkest wax although the natural variances can be darker or lighter in each individual small batch that is handmade in the USA. Firehouse Wacky Tacky mustache wax is a very hard wax and requires warming before application. 

Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Wax

No scents are added because this already smells so good with the smells of natural Michigan beeswax added to oils in order to achieve an extra strength and firm hold. You apply by warming the wax under hot water with the lid on or, better yet, with a hair dryer on the low setting. Scoop a small bit out and massage between your thumbs and index fingers. Apply from the middle and move toward the curls. Definitely a crowd favorite

DUBS Bay Rum Stache Cream

With the Bay Rum scent and a unique blend of the finest organic essential oils, beeswax, oils, and glycerin, this is more like a putty that has a much stronger hold than the original wax. This mustache cream will hold those whiskers on your upper lip with exceptional flexibility that allows for easy shaping and restyling. It is recommended for unruly or long hairs and especially for the superior hold needed in competitions. No pre-warming required.

Finding the perfect handlebar mustache wax can take some trial and error as every man has a different definition of hold, but these four mustache waxes are a great place to start and often times, you'll end your search with one of these mustache waxes

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