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Best Beard Balms For Summer

Best Beard Balm For Summer

July 17, 2017

Keep Your Beard Healthy With the Highest Quality Beard Balm
Summer is here. Those of us lucky enough to belong to the brotherhood of facial hair know that we need special care in the summer heat. More important than a bathing suit, or a quality grill every bearded man needs a quality beard balm. Beard balms moisturize and strengthen your majestic beard and the skin that lies beneath. Of course, a good beard cannot be tamed but a beard balm provides support so that those errant hairs don't stick out and ruin your look. There are many choices in the beard balm realm but none provide better aromas or keep skin as supple as Oliver Ridge Company's line of beard balms.

Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend Beard Balm

This unique balm uses a blend of the finest oils and butters. Its cigar scent and vanilla after notes lend an intoxicating aroma that will consequently become your signature scent. This balm will tame even the most unruly beard by reducing unruly hairs without breaking your beard's spirit.

Can You Handlebar Devotion Dry Oil Balm

This Devotion Beard balm combines masculine floral scent with patchouli undertones and just enough of a cognac aroma. It is a perfect blend of light and heavy oils to nourish and add an attractive shine. A dry oil balm contains enough beeswax to make it solid at room temperature. As always, no Oliver Ridge Company product uses petroleum. Why? Because they don't need them. Essential oils, vitamins, and shea butter are all that is needed for proper beard maintenance.

O'Douds Beard Balm

Some beards are so wild that they can not be contained by oils alone. These beards need the most time and attention. If your beard has fallen into disrepair do not fret, this balm can help return it to its glory. O'Douds beard balm applies easily and gives great control to whip your beard into shape. It isn't excessively oily, greasy, or sticky and is healthy for your beard. O'Douds empowers a man to be the master of the boardroom and the gentleman of the ballroom.

Scotch Porter Beard Balm

This botanical infused balm moisturizes, conditions, and repels dandruff upon application. Scotch Porter Beard Balm will have your beard among the softest and shiniest among beards. It also conditions your beard to promote thick, healthy growth. The farer sex will no doubt appreciate your fine attention to personal grooming.

Mountaineer Brand Heavy Duty Beard Tamer Balm

Just because you may not be a mountaineer doesn't mean that you don't want the beard of one. This rugged Heavy Duty Beard Tamer Beard balm is designed to control stray, stubborn beard hair. This leave in conditioner helps repair dry, damaged hair as well as split ends. It limits breakage and promotes healthy hair. Of course the rugged mountaineer must defend against dandruff and flaking. This balm guards against both of those and leaves a subtle scent of lime, grapefruit, and fir needle.

Any man knows that the state of your beard is indicative of the quality of the man. Beards are not only a fashion statement but they are also a responsibility. Oliver Ridge Company offers a line of Beard balms that help your beard look great through the harsh summer month. Their all-natural products tame errant hairs, condition, moisturize, and leave a masculine scent. Take care of yourself, take care of your beard.
Don't forget the beard oil - check out our recommendations for best beard oils for summer.

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