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Benefits of Using a Shave Oil

Benefits of Using a Shave Oil

March 09, 2017

What is a Pre-Shave Oil?
Pre-shave oil is simply an oil that you apply directly to your skin before you shave and it has plenty of benefits for both your skin and your facial hair. It’s easy to use, and most oils are free of harsh chemicals. Discover all the benefits and uses for this product.

How Do You Use Shave Oil?
Simply apply a few drops to your palms, and work the oil into the skin around your hair. Try to coat as much of the hair as possible. Don’t apply more than a few drops, though. Over applying oil can have adverse effects. You don’t want your razor to slip mid-swipe.
The great thing about oil is that it can help to hydrate your skin while it’s hydrating the hairs of your beard.

1. Hydration
Most guys know that shaving can dry out the skin pretty easily. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that more hydration is better than less hydration. Oil gets absorbed into the skin, so it can hydrate the skin while it’s hydrating your hair follicles. If you’ve ever shaved dry, you know how important hydration is to both your skin and your hair.

2. Protection
This oil is also great at protecting your skin and follicles. It creates a barrier above your epidermis that can protect your skin from your razor. This barrier can also ensure that your razor glides smoothly over your facial hair. When your razor doesn’t get a smooth glide, it can pull and tear your hair from your skin by the root.

3. Soften Follicles
The softer your facial hair, the easier it is to cut. Anyone who has ever shaved dry knows the pain of stiff hair follicles when they come in contact with a razor. If you soften your hair follicles, they won’t rip and tear as you are shaving. You want a nice smooth shave that doesn’t compromise the hair follicles that remain underneath your skin.

4. Exfoliation
Exfoliation can be the key to keeping your skin free from irritation. You want to remove all the dead layers of skin before you start to shave. Hair follicles can become trapped underneath the surface of the skin when they don’t grow correctly. You need to remove that layer of skin in order to get a clean shave.

5. Reduces razor burn and bumps
Razor burn are those little red bumps you often notice after shaving. These bumps can often sting or burn. They are the result of skin irritation while shaving. Since pre-shave oil preps your skin before you begin shaving, you can get a closer shave without the irritation.

6. Prevents cuts
Our Barbershop Shave Oil can help your razor glide over your skin very easily without irritation. Cuts and nicks are often the result of using dull razors or shaving in the wrong direction. Since the oil preps your hair and skin for shaving, you can get a closer shave without needing to worry about your razor slipping or dragging against your skin.

7. Prevents flaking or ashy skin
If your skin isn’t hydrated enough, you’ll probably end up with a ton of skin cells tearing away from your face. You might even notice your skin flaking long after you stop shaving. Since the oil preps your skin and hydrates it, you won’t see any powdery dead skin cells sitting on the top of your epidermis any longer.

How to Choose a Pre-Shave Oil
A good oil is specially formulated for your skin. You want to consider your shave oil the same way you would consider any facial product. Look for one that complements your skin; you can find oils that are good for dry, oily and combination skin. There are plenty of oils out there that don’t have unnecessary chemicals added to them like all Oliver Ridge Company shave oils. Try to choose one with as few ingredients as possible. You can even get ones that are scented.

Can You Still Use Shave Cream?
Yes, you can definitely still use shave cream after you apply the oil. Since the oil was designed to prep the skin and hair, it works best with a good shave cream. Oil is great for both older and new shavers, too. Since it protects your skin, you don’t need to worry about shaky hands.

Can I Use Any Razor with Shave Oil?
Yes, you can use a disposable, straight, or safety razor with your oil. The only type of razor that won’t work with oil is an electric razor.