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Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

February 27, 2017

Beard oils and beard balms have similar moisturizing qualities that every guy's beard can benefit from. But what's the difference? Is one better than the other? Which one should I choose? Let's go over the benefits of each product and then you can decide for yourself.

First of all, what's in beard oils and balms?

Beard Oil

Beard oils contain one main ingredient...oil, and these oils are broken down into two main groups, carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier Oils

Beard oils are made up of carrier and essential oils that act as a moisturizer for your hair and skin. Carrier oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, and coconut oil are used to dilute the essential oils and help moisture absorb into your skin. You can also add specific carrier oils such as Hazelnut which helps prevent acne and eczema.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are being used in health remedies and beauty and skincare routines around the world. These oils are powerful plant seed extracts that are used in beard oil to infuse additional health benefits and also help create masculine scents. If you are interested in getting more health benefits out of your beard oils, try essential oils such as cedarwood or peppermint. Cedarwood helps prevent acne while peppermint helps invigorate and refresh the skin. If you like your beard oils to have a little bit of a stronger natural fragrance, try using oils such as sandalwood, rosewood, or vanilla.

Benefits of beard oils.

There are many benefits of beard oilsBeard oils are used mostly for hydrating and softening the skin. It also helps keep your beard flake free. Beardruff is a problem among most bearded men and beard oils can act as a natural remedy. Even though beard oils is not much of a styling product, it adds shine to your beard and replenishes the skin.

Beard Balm


Beard balms share some of the same ingredients and benefits similar to beard oils. However, beard balm is used more like a conditioner or a sculpting product. Beard balms are made up of a base of butters, such as cocoa butter or shea butter. Shea butters help with the spread-ability off the balm and also provide anti-inflammatory qualities and can reduce rashes and itchiness on your skin while cocoa butter had essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Conditioning Balms

A conditioning balm is used to moisturize your hair and skin and give your beard a slight hold. Conditioning balms are similar to beard oils because it is softer with a soft hold on your beard. With conditioning balm, your beard is also able to hold more of a shine. Conditioning balms are best to apply after you have washed your face to seal in moisture.

Sculpting Balms

Cocoa butter is thicker than shea butter and is typically used more in sculpting balms. This beard balm is harder to apply than a conditioning balm. It is harder in texture and takes time to warm up. Sometimes this particular balm can be mixed with beeswax for a tighter hold. Sculpting balms are used to hold your beard in its desired style.

Benefits of beard balms

Beard balms are great for those looking for a bit more hold and shape with your beard. Beard balms still provide carrier and essential oil benefits while containing wax and butters to keep your beard looking its best. If you want shape and hold, go with a balm. If that doesn't matter to you, go with a beard oil.

Can I use both Products together?

Absolutely! Both products can be used together if you desire. There is no right or wrong product to choose from as long as the product works for you and your skin. However, there are times where one product is preferred over the other:

  1. Do you have a nice dinner to go to and your beard makes you look like a lumberjack? Pull out the Balm! Beard balms will allow you to achieve a hold for a lasting style.
  2. Beard Oils can be used as an everyday thing. You can use beard oils as a daily maintenance skincare product to moisturize the skin and keep your beard bright and healthy

Look Out

Try to avoid products that have unnatural ingredients listed. Many beard balms that are water based, list silicon as a prominent ingredient. Silicon is a mineral that blocks the absorption of water and moisture into your hair and can leave your hair dry and brittle. Silicon is the last thing that you want in your beard and should be avoided. Oliver Ridge Company ONLY uses natural oils and never a synthetic. 

Try it out

Beard oils and beard balms are essential for a well maintained and healthy looking beard. Oliver Ridge Company supplies many quality oils and balms made of all natural products guaranteed to make you beard soft and comfortable throughout the day. 

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